The Best 15 Tourist Attractions in Sweden

Sweden itself is a monarchic state in Northern Europe, which borders directly with Norway in the west, Finland in the northeast, there is also the Kattegat Strait and Skagerrak Strait in the southwest, and the Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic Sea in the East. In addition, this country is included as the 3rd largest country in the European Union, which means, there are various tourist attractions in Sweden that you can visit and enjoy in this region.

Tourist Attractions in Sweden

15 Tourist Attractions in Sweden You Must Visit

  1. Kaknas Tower

As for tourist attractions in Sweden, the first to be discussed is kaknas Tower, which is in the Swedish capital, Stockholm. As the name suggests, this is a tower with a height of about 170 meters and includes an antenna. Initially this tower was used to radiate radio and TV, even this tower was once asked as the highest tower in the Scandinavian ranks. At present, the tower is open to the public, the goal being, so that visitors can enjoy 360 degree views of the city of Stockholm.

Here visitors can enjoy views of Stockholm from the courtyard at an altitude of about 150 meters. Not only that, at that location, you can also buy various kinds of souvenirs or souvenirs, visit one restaurant, or the other. We recommend visiting this tower on a clear day, so you can see the beautiful city of Stockholm with a distance of more than 60 km. To reach this location is quite easy, you can use a public bus that can stop right under the tower. This place itself is open every day, from Monday to Saturday; this place is open from 10 am to 9 pm, while on Sundays open from 10 am to 6 pm.

  1. Millesgarden

The next Swedish tourist location or location is Millesgarden. This location will open your horizons, about a work of art. Millesgarden itself is an outdoor art museum complete with a variety of unique and interesting garden sculptures. The location is on the island of Lidingo which is still the capital of Sweden. The location of the museum itself is on the ground floor of the house of the sculptor Carls Milles and also his wife. Both of them, famous as artists, were buried in their own homes. For the record, Millesgarden itself is an opening scene setting for a science fiction novel by TauZero. Where a number of garden sculpture works are also described in the book.

  1. Nobel Museum

The museum itself was opened in 2001 ago. As the name suggests, then in the museum, you will get various kinds of information about the Nobel award in full, starting from the selection process, to the list of award winners, complete with its profile. Such information is certainly obtained from the organizers of the first Nobel Prize starting in 1901 to the most recent.

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In this museum, you will also get more complete information about Alfred Nobel, who is the initiator of the Nobel Prize. In addition, at this one location, you can also try various kinds of scientific demonstrations which of course visitors can try, as if you became a scientist. The museum itself is located in the old town of Gamla Stan, or rather in Stortorget Square.

  1. Nordic Museum

Still about the museum, tourist attractions in Sweden this time are the Nordic Museum. Visiting this museum will further enhance your insight about Sweden. This museum was built in 1873 at the initiative of Artur Hazelius. The location is in downtown Stockholm, and the museum was originally named The Scandinavian Ethnographic Collection, but later the name was changed to the Nordic Museum in 1880.

Entering the inside of the museum, precisely in the museum hall, you will see a giant statue, the founder of Sweden, named King Gustav Vasa. While entering into a deeper area, you will see various collections of the life of the Nordic people in the past, around 500 years ago. Then shown how the changes in Nordic society from time to time. Even the brands of shampoo and soap used in ancient times were also exhibited at the museum.

Nordic Museum

  1. Queen Street / Drottinggingg

If you are traveling to Sweden, it is better to visit Queen Street or Drottninggatan. The location, which runs from the Riskbron Bridge to the Observatorielunden, can only be used by pedestrians. So there are no vehicles passing by. This is the right location for shopping, and tasting a variety of culinary array of restaurants, cafes or even other outlets along the road. At this location, you can also see a variety of magnificent ancient buildings that were erected since the 1640s.

  1. Falun

One of the tourist attractions in Sweden that you should not miss when visiting Sweden is Falun. Previously, this area was a mining location which later turned into a tourist location. The name of the mine is Great Copper Mountain, this one has been considered a UNESCO world heritage since 2001 ago. Not only that, Falun also has several interesting tourist sites that you must visit. Like the Great Pit, which is about 95 meters deep, is a formation of mine ruins in 1687. Besides visiting various mining areas, tourists can also visit a variety of traditional events, such as Falu Cruising, Sk Sweden, Falu Party, and others.

  1. Kiruna
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Especially for you tourists who have an adventurous spirit, it’s good if you visit Kiruna. The location of tourist attractions in Sweden is the most fitting when visited when the holiday season or winter arrives. There are quite a lot of exciting activities that you can enjoy in the area, like playing dog carts, skiing or playing snow board. You can also access the highest mountain in Sweden, which is Kebnekaise. Kiruna itself is on the northern side of Sweden, here you can see the existence of an old church and also the largest. In June and July too, the sun never breaks up illuminating this area.

  1. Junibacken Museum

If you are on holiday to Sweden with your family, it’s good to visit the Junibacken Museum. This is a museum specifically for children, and is certainly the most interesting location. The museum itself is located on the island of Djurgarden which still belongs to the city of Stockholm. The museum was officially opened in 1996 by the Swedish Royal family.

  1. Stockholm Palace

Because including the royal state, of course Sweden has a royal palace, which is located in the capital of Stockholm, and named Stockholm palace. The exact location of the Swedish royal palace is in Gamla Stan, and is open to the public. Besides being known as a royal residence, this place is also used as a royal court and government office. Like only the Royal Palace in England, at this location, the procession of changing the royal guards is also one of the attractions that are always awaited by tourists. If you are lucky, and visit Sweden during the king’s birthday, then you will see a parade of horsemen. The building itself uses a typical Italian Baroque design, and was built since the 18th century.

Stockholm Palace

  1. Linkoping

Linkoping is the next tourist spot in Sweden that you can visit when you want to experience a vacation in a big city, but want the atmosphere like a small city. Linkoping City itself has a variety of classic buildings built in the middle Ages, there are also canals, lakes and complete with beautiful rural areas. One of the most interesting activities when visiting this area is by cycling. You can use the biking route displayed on the map.

  1. Visby

Besides Linkoping, you can also visit Visby, this is one of the cities with medieval designs that are quite popular in Sweden. Every August there will be a unique medieval week in the city. When walking into the city, you can visit an ancient church that was built in the 13th century, where you will be mesmerized by the 13 km stretch of the church wall because the building is actually a fortress during the war. In the summer, you will see a stretch of roses blooming in the garden.

  1. Malmo
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For those of you who like the world of football, certainly no stranger to Malmo. This is the birthplace of Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Apart from that, this is the right location, especially for you football fans, and also to take pictures in that location. In addition, the city mat is also very neat and tidy. You also don’t need to be confused about culinary tourism, because in this city, there are quite a number of halal menus, which you can consume. You can also visit the Mollevangstorget area, which is nothing but the location of shopping for local goods from immigrants.

  1. Are

Entering winter, you can visit Are. This is one of the favorite areas for skiing of the highest quality. This is also one of the reasons why this location, once hosted an international Ski competition, such as the FOS Freestyle World Cup, the Alpine World Championship, etc.

  1. JukkasJarvi

In addition to the Area, another suitable location to visit when winter arrives is Jukkasjarvi, which is located in northern Sweden. This is one of the favorite locations to play snow, and enjoy the beauty of the ice village. You can also feel the sensation of staying in an ice hotel called an icehotel. This hotel only operates for 6 months. There are a variety of activities that you can do in this place too much, such as horse riding, fishing, ice sculpting or others.

  1. Mastrand

Sweden is well known as a vacation location for the upper middle class. So do not be surprised, if there are many entrepreneurs who visit Sweden for a vacation. Not infrequently they have a place to stay while in the country. One of the right cities, for those of you who want to vacation in glamor is Mastrand. Here you can sail using a yacht, or others. Even when entering the summer holidays, this place looks full and crowded, ranging from parties or other fun things.

Thus the discussion about the best 15 tourist attractions in Sweden, that are available and can be a tourist attraction of choice for those of you who intend to visit Scandinavia in order to fill vacation time.

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