The Best 11 Tourism Places in Iceland

Iceland is a country that is too close to the North Pole. This beautiful country has the most alluring panoramic view of the universe, the aurora. The scenery which is a natural phenomenon that is truly beautiful can be enjoyed by anyone who comes to Iceland. In addition to aurora, it turns out Iceland also holds many other miracles. Now, what are those? Next we will peel 11 tourist attractions in Iceland that have the most beautiful spots.

The Best Tourism Places in Iceland

The Best 11 Tourist Attractions in Iceland

If you are planning a vacation to the country in the style of this Frozen film, you should know about the 11 most recommended tourist attractions in Iceland. Here are some of them:

  1. Hunting for aurora

Talking about tourist attractions in Iceland will not be complete without an aurora. Yes, you can hunt for the most beautiful aurora on earth, aurora borealis. It’s best if you choose the right location and time because the appearance of the most beautiful aurora is unpredictable, but you can see it from the signs that appear before.

  1. Jokulsarlon ice lake

The largest glacial lake in Iceland is indeed one of the ice lakes that will hypnotize you. Witness the beauty of the Ice Mountains in the middle of the waters. Well, this most beautiful spot you must capture in the camera lens.

  1. Vatnajokull ice cave

A tourist attraction in Iceland that must be visited by foreign tourists is the Vatnajokull Ice Cave. You can enjoy the beauty and panoramic view of ice caves that don’t exist anywhere else. Make sure that your physical and equipment are ready before exploring this ice cave in Iceland because besides being cold, the journey will also is long.

Vatnajokull ice cave

Vatnaj?kull – the largest glacier in Iceland.

  1. Dettifoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls
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Like the charm of a waterfall? Just enter the sights of Dettifoss Falls and Seljalandsfoss in your visit list. The charm of the two famous waterfalls in Iceland is indeed not in doubt. You can see the Desttifoss Waterfall as high as 45 meters with a width reaching 100 meters and Seljalandsfoss which has a height of 60 meters above the cliffs of the coastline of Iceland.

  1. Lake Myvatan

Lake Myvatan is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland. The volcanic lake surrounded by lava fields that has a Pseudo-Crater in Skutustadagigar makes this vacation location very unique and interesting.

  1. Blue Lagoon

Iceland is indeed popular as a country near the poles which always has extreme temperatures. Not necessarily always cold, you can also warm yourself by soaking in a natural hot spring pool. Blue Lagoon is a tourist attraction that you must visit. Located in an area of ​​exotic rocks, you can do relaxation while enjoying the most beautiful natural scenery in the world.

  1. Peninsula Snaefellsness

Do you want to have an Instagram style Hollywood location shoot? You should enter tourist attractions in this phenomenal Iceland. Yes, Peninsula Snaefellsness which borders directly with exotic seas and cliffs will hypnotize your eyes.

  1. Thingvellir National Park

Iceland is a tourist spot in Iceland best suited for nature lovers. You can see the country’s landscape closest to the North Pole in the Thingvellir National Park. You can try hiking, scuba diving and various interesting activities in Iceland’s proud national park.

Thingvellir National Park

  1. The city of Hafnarfjorour

Visiting Iceland will not feel complete without enjoying the beauty of the City of Hafnarfjorour. You can enjoy various festivals which are one of the ancient European legends namely the famous Viking Festival.

  1. Hekla Mountains
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For those of you who like hiking tours, you must try to go up to the Hekla Mountains which have an interesting natural panorama. The mountain, which erupted in 2000, is known as one of the favorite tourist spots for tourists. Its natural beauty is the main attraction of the Hekla Mountains.

  1. Mrydalsjokull Glacier

The ice mountains in Iceland are certainly easy to find but don’t miss to see the glacier firsthand. You can see directly the largest glacier number four with an area of ​​590 km2 by driving a snow mobile.

Tips for Traveling to Iceland

Iceland or also known as ‘heaven’ on earth does have so many tourist attractions. Some of them have already been mentioned above and many more are hidden. The beauty of the tourist attractions will certainly make the holiday more enjoyable, especially if you follow a few vacation tips in Iceland below. Guaranteed holidays will be more fun and memorable.

Order as soon as possible

The sooner we order tickets, the ticket prices will get cheaper. So if you are going to Iceland in September, try to order starting in January. Now the farther the distance of departure, the price is also getting cheaper.


A pleasant holiday, a holiday that is well managed. Well, similarly if you want a vacation to Iceland. For example you want to see aurora borealis, and then the right time to go to Iceland is when it is winter. But if you just want to hiking or camping, then summer is the best time. For your own research, you can research it with the help of Google, or you can also directly to friends who have been on vacation to Iceland.

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Vehicle rent

Instead of bringing your own vehicle that would be difficult for us on the trip, just use the car rental service at your holiday destination. Because Iceland is a very beautiful country and has a lot of visitors, it is advisable to rent a vehicle well in advance so that on D-day, you don’t have to bother looking for a rental vehicle to get around.

Looking for a suitable partner

Holiday partners will have an effect on whether or not your vacation is fun. So make sure to look for a traveling partner with the same goal. This is intended so that later during the holidays no one will be harmed because of different destinations.

Relax in the hot springs

Iceland is famous for its natural hot springs. Baths are scattered in many places in Iceland is the best place to relax. While enjoying fresh air in Iceland, soaking in hot water is one of the best ways to unwind and get tired.

Surf the Arctic

This activity is specifically for those of you who can surf. So for those of you who are new or still learning, surfing locations in the Arctic are not recommended. Well, for those who want to surf in winter, remember that the air here is quite cold, so it is recommended to use a 7mm thick wetsuit if you want to enjoy surfing in this ‘paradise’?

After reading reviews of tourist attractions and vacation tips to Iceland, are you ready to visit the stunning sights in Iceland above? Come on; order your flight tickets to this beautiful country. Don’t forget to capture every moment of your vacation so you can get the best Instagram photos!

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