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15 Popular Tourist Places in Portugal

Most people know Portugal because of their football achievements. But did you know that Portugal is also famous for interesting tourist destinations, you know, starting from the magnificent architectural buildings that are rich in history, elegant city streets to stunning coastal views. Well, here are 15 interesting tourist attractions in Portugal that you must visit.

Popular Tourist Places in Portugal

15 Popular Tourism Spots in Portugal


Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. This city is one of the oldest cities in Western Europe, you know, many interesting places in Lisbon with an affordable budget that you can visit. The city has many small alleys and cobbled streets for you to explore. You will also find shops with ancient architecture. The main attraction in this city is Tram 28, which is an ancient tram that is used as a means of tourist transportation that surrounds the historic area in Lisbon.


Madeira is a popular destination for hiking. The hometown of the famous soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo, is also known as the Floating Garden of the Atlantic because the island has a view of green mountains rich in flora and fauna coupled with the beautiful view of the beach beside it. Some of the landmarks that can be visited on this island are the homes of Christopher Columbus, Museum CR7, the Madeira Wine Museum, and several flower gardens.

Madeira in Portugal


Located at the foot of the Sintra Mountains and Lisbon Beach, Sintra is one of the romantic destinations in Portugal. The atmosphere of green hills, castles and castles of ancient medieval architecture and the beautiful villas around them are guaranteed to make you feel like you are in a fairyland. Palacio National da Pena is a palace surrounded by exotic trees and flowers. The palace and castle buildings in this city still stand strong and the interior inside are well maintained. Do not let you miss the beauty in Sintra, yes.

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Porto is a city in the north of Portugal, where fishing boats dock. You will find colorful buildings with beautiful architecture stretching along the hill and overlooking the Douro River. In the heart of this culture-rich city there is a charming pedestrian zone complete with cafes, restaurants, live music and street vendors selling various souvenirs. Ponte Dom Luis is the main attraction in the city, the metal two-story arch bridge connecting Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, one of the wine cellars in Portugal.


The Azores Islands consist of nine volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean that were formed as a result of a volcanic eruption several hundred years ago. On this island you can observe whales, enjoy hot springs that are rich in mineral content, snorkeling, and relaxing sunbathing. One of the islands in the Azores has a lake that is connected to the coast through the Banquet Pass. You can rent a boat to enjoy the beautiful lagoon.

Azores Islands


The sunny and warm Mediterranean climate accompanied by beautiful beaches with soft white sand make the Algarve one of the 15 attractive tourist attractions in Portugal that you must visit. In addition, a variety of good lodging and traditional dishes of this city can be found at affordable prices. The Algarve offers views of plantation greenery, white-painted settlements, to towering cliffs dotted with beautiful summer resorts. You will not feel disappointed visiting this place.


Évora is an important landmark of Roman civilization since 2,000 years ago. This old city is still well maintained and has more than 4,000 historic buildings that are still well maintained. Roman Temple of Évora, an ancient Roman temple is the main focus in this city. Évora also has a 13th-century Cathedral which is one of the most important Gothic buildings in Portugal. In addition there are also Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of Bones) which holds about 5,000 human skeletons in it.

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Braga is the fourth largest city in Portugal. The atmosphere in this city is a combination of old city and modern life. The city is filled with various cafes, shops, bars and restaurants. Besides lively and modern life, Braga is a city that is thick with its religion, where the city is the center of the oldest diocese in Portugal. Its location on a hill allows visitors to climb 116 meters of stairs and enjoy the view from the top.


The city is often referred to as the “Venice of Portugal” because it has many canal paths with beautiful views that are connected by charming bridges. You can tour colorful gondolas or fast boats around this beautiful city. In addition, various historic sites, beautiful beaches, and delicious specialties can also be enjoyed. Aveiro offers stunning architecture and artwork.

Vicentin Beach

Vicetin beach is very crowded with tourists in the summer. How not, this beach offers extraordinary views. The beautiful turquoise sea combined with white sand beach. In addition, rock cliffs eroded by the waves also provide a view that is no less amazing. You can also enjoy lodging that faces directly to the beach.


Marvao is a village located on a hill with a height of 900 meters above sea level. Buildings in this village have typical medieval architecture. There is also a castle in the 13th century that still stands strong. By being on it, you can see the extent of Portugal from a height.


Located on a hilltop west of Portugal, the city of idosbidos is surrounded by an old fortress wall. You will find a magnificent medieval castle and several other historic sites. There are several narrow labyrinthine paths that lead to the town square. White-painted settlements adorned with colorful flowers, several ancient cafes and shops that sell souvenirs are attractive spots to take pictures.

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Serra da Estrela

Not only is the beach beautiful, Portugal also has the highest mountains, Serra da Estrela. Although this place is rather difficult to reach, but the effort to get to this place will be paid off with an amazing view. There is a beautiful lake with fresh water. In winter, Serra da Estrela becomes a ski destination.


Coimbra is home to relics of ancient Roman civilization. Not only have many historical sites but also several beautiful parks. Some interesting destinations here are the University of Coimbra, the Old Cathedral to the Gothic Architecture Monastery, Santa Clara-a-Velha.


Traveling to Portugal will not be complete if you do not visit Guimarães. This city was Portugal’s first capital, where in the 12th century Portugal’s first flat, Afonso I, ruled. Therefore, Guimarães is often referred to as the hometown of Portugal. The main attraction at this place is the old castle which once housed the king and other historical figures. It is only 50 kilometers from Porto and can be reached by car or bus.

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