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15 Famous Tourist Attractions in Caribbean

Speaking of beautiful beaches, the name Caribbean Islands is one of the lists of destinations that cannot be missed. Combined with beautiful scenery and stunning coastline, making this stretch of territory in South America must be visited by marine lovers. The name of the Caribbean Islands is increasingly sticking out, when a Hollywood franchise film titled “Pirates of the Caribbean” starring Johnny Depp includes the name of the island in the story. Therefore, I will try to summarize some tourist places from the mainland which has thousands of islands. Want to know what it is? Check out the following review.

15 Famous Tourist Attractions in Caribbean

15 Tourism Spots in Caribbean You Must Visit

1. Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are known as one of the tourist attractions in the Caribbean that you must visit. The islands themselves are a paradise for diving with amazing underwater scenery, such as Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto, and many beautiful crescent-shaped coastlines. In addition, in the Cayman Islands there are also several comfortable lodging places so that your vacation experience is more enjoyable.

2. Barbados

Barbados is not only famous for beautiful beaches, green golf courses, duty free shops and luxury resorts. When you are on holiday in Barbados, you can sample the famous Mount Gay Rum, explore limestone caves, take part in horse racing, and dance while following the Calypso rhythm. In addition, don’t forget to visit historic plantation houses and beautiful tropical gardens.

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3. Guadeloupe

When visiting Guadeloupe, you will be welcomed with exotic white-sand beaches, magnificent underwater views and stunning nature reserves. Some of these things make Guadeloupe a perfect place for nature lovers and scuba divers, as well as those who want to relax in the atmosphere of a tropical island.

Guadeloupe in Caribbean

4. Saint Lucia

St. Lucia is an island nation with vast beaches such as limestone, towering volcanic peaks, and classy resorts that will make your vacation experience more memorable. In this island nation, you can do some fun activities, such as hiking through the Python Mountains, sunbathing on Reduit Beach and watching a beautiful sunset. In addition, you also must visit Sulfur Springs, the only drive-in volcano in the world. The number of romantic luxury hotels in St. Lucia makes it one of the perfect places for a honeymoon tour in the Caribbean.

5. Turks and Caicos Islands

The Turks and Caicos Islands are known for having the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, one of which is Grace Bay. The islands are also home to the third largest barrier reef system in the world, this collection of coral islands also offers an unforgettable experience for those who like snorkeling and scuba diving.

6. Saint-Barthelemy

Saint-Barthelemy is an island with an area of ​​21 square kilometers which is very popular because of its beautiful beaches, unique French Caribbean culture, and there is a lively annual festival. In addition, the island also has many upscale hotels and ports with typical views of exotic tropical islands.

7. Aruba

Aruba offers many things for every tourist, nature lovers can visit the Arikok National Park or hike through the rock formations Come and Casibari, scuba divers can explore the sea and for those who want to relax, tourists can laze along the coastline while sunbathing or enjoy the beautiful sunset views.

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8. Jamaica

In Jamaica, there are several towering mountains, dense rain forests, underwater reefs that look like paradise, and exotic beaches. In Jamaica, you can do some fun things, for nature lovers, you can climb, climb a rock or dive, if you want a relaxing vacation, then sunbathing on Seven Mile Beach or swimming in clear water is the right choice. In addition, you can also visit Kingston (the island’s capital) to attend festive festivals, enjoy the chanting of reggae songs and eat culinary tastes of Jamaica.

9. Grenada

Grenada offers beautiful scenery so you must enjoy when the holidays arrive. TGrenada also has 45 beaches that you can visit, one of which is the popular 2 mile Grand Anse Beach. Regardless of which coastline you choose, you will find clear water and white sand surrounded by beautiful greenery.

10. Saint Martin

When visiting Saint Martin, you will be welcomed by a beautiful beach and a variety of hotel choices. To enjoy the beauty of Point Blanche coral reef in this place, you can do it through snorkeling and scuba diving. Meanwhile, culinary lovers can enjoy fresh seafood, callaloo and grilled ribs in several restaurants around the coast.

Saint Martin in Caribbean

11. Curaçao

Curacao is an island in the Caribbean Sea with fine weather all year round. Divers from all over the world always visit this island because there is an amazing view of coral reefs. In addition, this island is also filled with pastel-colored architecture and significant cultural sights such as sand-floor synagogues from the 17th century. Some of these things make this island one of the tourist attractions in the Caribbean that you must visit.

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12. Saint Kitts and Nevis

It is common knowledge that St. Kitts is gaining popularity in the soft sand and lively nightlife. In addition, this island nation often holds festivals, such as the St. Carnival National St. Kitts & Nevis and St. Festivals Music Festival Kitts. However, if you want a more relaxed vacation, you can use the ferry to get to Nevis Island.

13. Anguilla

In these islands, you can enjoy fine white sand, striking turquoise water, and a variety of lodging options so that your vacation experience is more pleasant and also comfortable. Not only that, this island is also home to dozens of beautiful beaches, such as Meads Bay and Rendezvous Bay.

14. Antigua

Antigua is an island in the Caribbean Sea that is suitable for surfing and water sports or just looking for a romantic vacation with a calm atmosphere. In addition to some of these things, Antigua also has several historic sites such as Nelson’s Dockyard and Betty’s Hope.

15. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

On St. Vincent and Grenadin, you can visit the lush botanical garden and fresh fish and some traditional markets that are always crowded. In addition, you can also take a boat and sail among the many remote lands to get to the diving spot, and snorkel with its amazing underwater views.

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