10 Tourist Attractions in Belgium You Must Visit

What comes to your mind when you hear the name Belgium? Manneken Pis? Belgium is not only a neighboring country of the Netherlands that is famous for its phenomenal statue of a pee-pee, but a country that is ready to give you an unforgettable travel adventure with a wealth of history, art, cuisine to the hospitality of its citizens. In addition, Belgium is unique in that its citizens use 3 languages ​​which become national languages. Residents who speak Dutch and French make up the majority and only a few speak German. You will find announcements in public places that use Dutch and French.

10 Tourist Attractions in Belgium

A real example when you travel by train from Brussels International Airport in Zaventem to the Brussels central station (Gare Centrale), you will see various bilingual instructions and announcements; Dutch and French. If you don’t speak Dutch or French, take it easy…  Almost all Belgians understand and can speak English. Especially residents of big cities like Brussels and Antwerp. What are the tour activities that you can do in Belgium? I will share stories about exciting things that you should not miss while in this chocolate and beer processing country.

10 Tourism Spots in Belgium You Must Visit

  1. Royal Palace of Brussels (Palais de Bruxelles)

The Belgian Royal Palace in Brussels is often used as an office or work space and a number of rooms in the Palace are open to the public in the summer and autumn; free entrance fee. If you carry luggage you should leave it with the front office officer of the museum. You can take your luggage after you finish browsing the museum. When you are in front of the Brussels Palace, you will be amazed by the vast land and gardens filled with magnificent palace buildings. Don’t miss taking pictures with this garden background. You can see a variety of royal chambers; from the reception room to the royal collection exhibition.

At the last checkpoint, you can leave your impressions and messages about this museum or Belgium in the guest book. Like a rare postcard collection? Buy various postcards special edition of the Kingdom of Belgium and photograph the corners of the room at the Palace of Brussels in the souvenir shop in this room. You can buy 5 postcards for EUR 5 – better than you buy postcards in the souvenir shop in the Grote Markt area. The Royal Palace in Brussels is located on Rue Brederode 16, B-1000 Bruxelles Belgium. (10 minutes walking from Gare Centrale Brussels)

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Best Tourist Attractions in Belgium

  1. Magritte Museum

In the area around the Royal Palace of Brussels, you will find many museums. There is a musical instrument museum, the BELvue museum (next to the Royal Palace of Brussels), the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium. When viewing the brochure at the last checkpoint of the Palace of Brussels, there is information about the Magritte Museum which according to the author is very interesting. The collection is very unique, especially during the summer there are many exhibitions that you can take part in. The Magritte Museum is a museum dedicated to Rene Magritte, a surrealist painter. Not only will you see his artwork but also how the painter works to produce his work.

The Magritte Museum is part of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium. If you visit 4 art museums in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts complex, you only need to pay EUR 13 / person. However, if you only want to go to the Magritte Museum, you only need to pay EUR 8. If you have a lot of free time, why not buy tickets to 4 art museums to see and appreciate these unique works of art? The Magritte Museum (Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium) is located in Place Royale 3, Brussels 1000, Belgium. Only 3-5 minutes walking from the Royal Palace of Brussels.

Tourist Attractions in Belgium

  1. Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

Located in the northern part of the city of Brussels, you will find a residence of the Royal Belgian family. The land is very wide, and the garden is very beautiful. You can visit the royal botanical greenhouse and various parks that have their own themes of Chinese Pavilion, Japanese Garden; besides that there is the Monument Leopold. Laeken’s Castle and Greenhouse are only open to the public for 3 weeks every year. Entrance fee is around EUR 2. Laeken Castle is located on Avenue du Parc Royal, Brussels 1020, Belgium. Around this area, there are also tourist attractions Atomium, you know.

  1. Atomium

A tourist attraction that is shaped like an atomic string in northern Brussels has become a new icon of this city. What’s interesting about atomium is that each atomic building has an exhibition or collection about science. When you are in this museum, it’s as if you are in the future. The futuristic and minimalist design impresses you with science throughout your visit to Atomium.

In fact, this museum provides other exciting activities, namely visiting and taking pictures in European miniature parks and playing at the Oceade waterpark. Because many tourists want to enter Atomium and other attractions, you should buy tickets online on the official website. If you only want to go to Atomium, the ticket price is around EUR 12. Atomium is located in Square de l’Atomium, 1020 Bruxelles, Belgium.

  1. Beer Tasting at Poechenellekelder
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After touring the main sights of Brussels, don’t forget to relax and recharge your energy with unique Belgian cuisine. If in France it is famous for wine, well in Belgium it is famous for its beer. In Belgium you can find hundreds of types of beer with unique flavors that are produced in different ways. You don’t need to go to the brewery to taste it, enough to visit bars in Belgian cities.

Poechenellekelder, a bar that sells 150 types of beer, this is heaven for those of you who like beer or are curious to taste Belgian beer. You do not have to order one full glass for each type of beer; you can really order a beer sampler menu. If you don’t drink alcohol and want to know what this bar is like, there are a variety of non-alcoholic drinks as well.

The interior of the Poechenellekelder is very unique; its design is quite old and decorated with various dolls making this bar more like a museum. The price of beer in this bar is rather expensive but the quality is very good. Poechenellekelder is located close to Mannekin Pis, in more detail the location of this bar on Rue du Chene 5, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium.

  1. Visit the Bar Le Porte Noire that will take you to the 16th Century

Le Porte noir, a bar that will take you back in time provides a menu of 100 types of beer and various cigars. That said you can drink beer while smoking a cigar. In addition, this bar also provides a variety of foods. You can even order a cheese plater with the beer you want to taste. This bar location is close to Grote Markt (Grand Place). Le Porte Noire is located on Rue des Alexiens 67, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium.

  1. Piere Marcolini Chocolatier

It deserves thumbs up, even though European countries (including Belgium) do not fit the climate to grow high-quality cocoa, but this country is able to process it in such a way that we all know ‘Belgian Chocolate’. Some Belgian chocolatier brands that you often encounter in Belgian cities like Leonidas and Godiva sell great chocolate. But if you want to taste or bring chocolate souvenirs with something superior, you should visit Chocolatier Pierre Marcolini. Pierre Marcolini is famous for chocolate truffles and macarons which are presented in beautiful packaging. You can give this chocolate as a gift or a gift for friends or family that means a lot to you.

  1. If you have time, visit the Tomorrowland Music Festival
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Tomorrowland is no longer a stranger to young people who like to hear EDM songs. Various international musicians who enlivened the Tomorrowland stage such as Axwell, Ingrosso, Alesso, Tiesto, and other rising musicians. This festival lasts up to 2 weeks but tickets are usually sold out in a matter of days. This festival, which is held every year, always amazes its visitors with fantastic decoration. As if visitors enter a space full of imagination. For schedules and ticket purchases, you can directly visit the official website Tomorrowland in Belgium is usually held in the city of Boom – located between Antwerp and Brussels.

  1. Venture into Medieval Castle, Gravensteen Castle in Ghent

The name of this castle means a noble castle with the title “counts” in Dutch. The castle was built in the Middle Ages (around 1100s) by Philip of Alsace. In 1885, the Ghent government carried out the castle restoration project so that it can survive to the present. This castle is very large and magnificent, and also equipped with a fortress. Even this castle as you sees in the film or TV series. Did you know that Gravensteen Castle was once used as a courthouse, prison and even a factory? Oh yes, an entrance fee will be charged at 10 EUR per person. From Brussels, you can visit Ghent by train, bus or private car. Gravensteen Castle is located in Sint-Veerleplein 11, 9000 Gent, Belgium.

  1. Durbuy, the smallest village in the world

Only 2 hours’ drive from Brussels, you will arrive at the very quiet village of Durbuy with a relaxed rhythm of life. If you are dizzy to see the crowd, this village is perfect for you because the village population is only 500 people. Oh yes, the village of Durbuy has been around since the 900s (middle ages). Durbuy offers a travel experience that is not inferior to major cities in Belgium. You can sail by canoeing on the river that takes you in the corners of the village, visiting the castle, to dinner at a restaurant that offers typical Belgian cuisine.

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